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Wasted Idiots Rock Everywhere

Wasted Idiots Rock Everywhere


Počet zobrazení dnes: 10
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Hodnoceno: 70x
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Celkové umístění v žebříčku: 3262

Datum registrace: 28.04.2008
Naposledy online: 24.04.2018 v 09:33:44


ICQ: 213490045
Telefon: 723332458
URL: www
Okres: Brno-město
Pohlaví: Muž


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Promo July 2011 Promo July 2011

Constantly being called as one of the best producers and the most promising act in the Czech Republic, Wasted Idiots Rock Everywhere(WIRE) is now coming up with his debut album Too Mainstream, which has only one goal: Make your t-shirts (and god knows what else) wet. Rocking bass, neon synths, vocoder vocals, house grooves and guitar riffs, that’s exactly what you are going to get. Wasted Idiots Rock Everywhere is like a soundtrack to a pumping and slightly decadent party, where girls with smeared eyes thrown away their bras half an hour ago or came without it right in.

Recently WIRE quickly establishes as a real floor killer with his energetic, very dynamic and almost brutally thought-through live show which takes you completely out of your mind with heavy bass artillery, catchy melodies and fucked up, almost punk style stage performance . And at the end when you wake up covered in sweat, without any feeling of your legs, you know you want to ride again as soon as possible.

In WIRE’s music, you can find influences by a true nineties electronic dance music pioneers such as The Prodigy, Daft punk or Fatboy Slim as well as recent artists, Digitalism, Justice (Thgirlla, 215) with little bit of Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner(Four Simple Notes, Shoelace) kind of sound. He also listens to a pretty huge number of indie pop/rock records, which reflects mostly on the shorter sung songs (She Has).

Wasted Idiots Rock Everywhere is now definitely one of the hottest electronic projects in the Czech Republic and combined with years of previous experience as a DJ (successful DJ duo with Lj Doxster called Jack&Joker) and producer (various solo projects, remixes for Support Lesbiens and Lenny Fontana with Paul Rockseek) makes WIRE a must see for all club goers, party animals and crazy people out there.

Note: This biography quotes Too Mainstream review writen by dscdrmr.


Ivka Ivka
15.08.2011 v 19:13:22

Hlávek se rozčiluje, že je v idj. žebříku na tísícím místě, ale sám nehodnotí, hehe :D

Jean Hllavinho Jean Hllavinho
02.08.2011 v 01:53:48

obvykle hodnoceni nedavam ale tady sem muselhlavne at to dal slape minimalne tak je naslapnutotechnu zdar...

Pefa Pefa
15.04.2011 v 22:33:11

Dlouho jsem tu nebyl a žasnu!!!! tracky jsou opravdu na hodně vysoké úrovni!

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